Alien in the room - Walkthrough (Highlight to see spoiler)

collect these items first.
Knife -- in the plant.
Laser gun -- under the pillow.
Paper -- inside the trashcan.
Silver Ball -- on the bookshelf, 2nd row, between the books (verryyy smalllll)
Video tape -- on top of the bookshelf.
Stick -- left side of the bookshelf(right on a screen)
Credit Card -- top of the alien picture, left side on a screen

turn on your speaker
click every corner of the ceiling and find the point making a noise
use stick on the point, ninja appears
give him a siver ball
get the Weapon

use the knife to cut the picture
say "OK"
use the laser gun
get the Pandora's box

Put the Video tape in VCR
click the well
you have to pay, so use the credit card
and use the laser gun anyway
get the key

open Pandors's box with the key
Enter the code for WAR!!!!!!!!!!! and look outside
use the weapon
get the permission
use the permission on the door lock